Sunday, 12 July 2009

Paint Techniques.... part 1

I love using paint on my scrap book pages so I thought I would share a few of the techniques that I use.

I find the dry brush technique works best. You will need a paintbrush, the paint of your choice.... I used a paint dabber. You will also need some kitchen roll or a paint palette or a paper plate.

I put a small amount of paint onto the tip of the paintbrush.

Then i pushed the paint into the bristles using my paint palette, this removes excess paint and allows you to get a much more subtle paint effect.

Then I lightly painted across my card

Another great effect is to use bubble wrap.
Using my paint dabber I applied some paint to the bubble wrap.

Then turn the bubble wrap over and place it where you want the paint effect on your LO and press down with your hand, be carefull not to move the bubble wrap around while you are pressing it down.

Then removbe the bubble wrap and here is the effect that I got

The ends of paint brushes give great paint effects too. Just dip the end in a bit of paint and heres the effect that you get.

This paint brush had an open end so i got lovely little circles.

Paint dabbers give great effects on their own on textured card stock. I just ligthley drew the paint dabber across the card, if you wanted a more intense look you just press harder to get more paint flowing and you can go over the same area a few times

I found this old stencil brush which has a much rougher texture, I stippled using this brush for another great effect

And then I used this brush to acheive a much more intense coverage of the paint.

I will be back soon to show you a LO that I made incorporating some of these paint techniques.

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