Thursday, 8 July 2010

Get Organised this Summer

I have to say, I'm big into my lists. I like being organised, but do struggle sometimes so having lists is essential for me.

I've made this to hang in my kitchen and find it really useful.

All you need to make this is:

A plain notebook.
A piece of card slightly larger than your notebook.
Chip Board Alphas.
A pen
Pieces of ribbon
And paper to cover.

Here's what to do:

Once you've cut your card to size, cover it in your chosen paper. I chose My little shoebox - My Neighbourhood. I liked the home feel to it.
I've rounded off the corners and sanded down the edges for a smoother look. You can then stick your notepad in the centre of your covered board.
I've taken a small piece of ribbon and stuck to the back on the board at the top, making a loop so that it can be hung up.
Now take your chipboard alphas. I chose to spell out 'To Do' as this is my 'to-do- list. You may be happy to use your alphas as they are, I decided to cover mine in another piece of My little shoebox paper. Again sanding down the edges for a smoother look.

Your board is finished now, but you can make a matching pen if you like, just like I did. I've used a normal ball point pen and covered it in double sided tape removing the backing so the pen is completely sticky. Now taking ribbon or thin strips of paper, wrap around the pen starting at the bottom and wrapping in a spiral rhythm so every bit is covered and the paper or ribbon overlaps slightly.
For the petals I've cut my paper into oval shapes and layered and stuck in place. Once it's all dry and in place I've added stickles around the outside of each petal.

I did add a strip of paper at the side, central to the notepad and only sticking down the two ends, this way you can slide your pen in once it's dry.

Supplies : My Little Shoebox papers, Stickles, Chipboard Alphas.

Lisa xx


Kathleen said...

This is fab. Lovely idea. Kathleen x

Cturtlegirl said...

Great idea - can see some present for people that need a little organisation