Sunday, 24 April 2011

Final day

Happy Easter everyone - I hope you've all had a lovely day, and not eaten too many eggs! This is the final day of our egg hunt, so all you have to do is solve this clue and email me the answers. You need to list the product title and manufacturer where each egg is hidden and send the list to You have until 5pm on Tuesday 26th April and shortly afterwards we'll draw our winner!

So, there's only one thing left to do - give you the final clue:

Which children's television programme featured the characters George and Zippy?

I really hope you've enjoyed our Easter Egg hunt :)


Anja (scrappie) said...

Hi, hi, had much fun searching and hunting for all those eggs. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

jo said...

Email sent!! Thanks for another fun hunt Ness!!!

Kim Sonksen said...

On of the easiest clues....even though I never saw the show :)))

Thanks for a fun hunt, Vanessa.

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Good fun as always Vanessa.
Many thanks
Sue xx

Helen said...

Thanks for a great egg hunt.
Now sending in my answers.

kjjc said...

me too thanks Vanessa for the fun

2Angels said...

Thanks for the hunt I had lots of fun finding them! :)

Anonymous said...

answers sent!!!

love playing these :)