Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Miss Caroline Gift Set

Doesn't it make a difference when you receive a gift and it's beautifully wrapped?!!

When I give a gift I like to make an effort to make the wrapping look really pretty.
I love seeing a friend's or family member's face light up when I present something that looks like I've put a lot of thought and effort in.

It was a close friend's birthday recently, so I thought I'd make her a gift bag to match her card.
I always keep decent bags so I can use them for this.

I used the MME - Miss Caroline 6x6 pad for both. These pads are such a prefect size for these kind of projects.
With these MME collections, there are so many bits and pieces that you can buy to match so it makes projects very easy to embellish.
Quite often I make a LO or two when I first receive my goodies and then use up the leftovers on creating cards and gifts bags.
I love the sticker sheets that you can buy to match aswell.
They make the perfect finishing touch.

Remember to keep your gift/paper bags in future and tart them up with your leftovers : )

Lisa x

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LoraineC said...

What a great idea!