Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Clue 2

I hope you managed to find the first egg hiding in our shop!  Today we've hidden another one for you - remember we'll be giving away a £25 gift voucher to one lucky person, and three 6x6 pads as runner up prizes :)

So, onto today's clue - figure out the answer to help you find where the egg is hiding:

Koalas eat the leaves of which plant almost exclusively?

Happy hunting!


Jimjams said...

A fun hunt so far - thanks

kjjc said...

done thank you

Lesley G said...

Not quite sure how I read "panda" but got there in the end. Thank you :)

LoraineC said...

How weird I read panda as well !!!!

Anja (scrappie) said...

So much fun this thank you once again.