Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I said I never would....

....start 'PROJECT LIFE'.
And here I am about to show my first page.

So what has changed my mind???

I love all the little note/journal cards that so many manufacturers have now. I keep buying them, but there's only so many you can use on scrapbook pages.

I recently started instagramming and I'm loving it.
I don't have an iphone, but I did treat myself to an ipad mini whilst in the States earlier this year and I've bene using that to take random snaps of everyday life.

My Mindset.
If I'm really honest, my main reason for not wanting to get in to PL, is fear.
Fear of that commitment.
Fear that it would be another project that I would start and not finish. (I've never even finished a December Daily!!)
And that fear of starting something and feeling the pressure to keep up.
So I'm going at my own pace and doing it my own way.

I started at the weekend by placing a small order here at Papermaze.
I don't want to spend loads and then not continue. I don't even have an album yet.
But I bought some up these 12x12 page protectors to get me started. And I'll see how I go.

 I popped some of the My Minds Eye 'Collectable' in to my basket. It's a new collection and so beautiful. I love th range of colours. MME is always a fave of mine.

These 12x12 sheets are just perfect to cut up.

Day Daily 

Story Journal

Journey Journal

 And I've sat down for a short while this afternoon and put my first page together.

I also bought some of the journal cards from MME that are just 60p each. You can view them here.
I love these little cards and they make journaling so easy.

I've kept it really basic. For me it's about telling our family stories.

So I've made a start, lets see how it goes.

I'd love to hear who else is doing PL and if like me you thought you never would but are now wondering about giving it a go.

Lisa x

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My simple life said...

Love your first page and the Journalling :)