Thursday, 1 August 2013

Project Life Scrapbooking

Have you spotted the new Project Life available in store and online now? Now personally, I am not a 'Project Lifer' but I do get it, and I was absolutely blown away by the amount of product you get in just this mini kit pictured below.
We chose to open the Baby Boy mini kit, and look how many cards you get inside!! 100 in total which includes 20 4 x 6" cards and 80 3 x 4" cards. Each is double sided with a pattern on one side and space for journaling or a title on the other.
We will soon have some posts coming up with actual Project life pages to show you, but like I said, I stick to the usual scrapbooking. However, that does not mean that I couldn't have a play with some of these cards, and this is the layout I came up with...
I added my own usual touches like ink, paint, flowers and metal embellishments, but it was the journaling cards that formed the base for my page.

I took three patterned 3x4 cards and cut them longways into strips. Some of these strips I curved the edges of and my little man sat and inked all the edges for me :-)
I laid these together in a cluster to go under my photo, and gutted the centre out of one as a frame.
The speech bubbles were cut from others and formed my titles.

So there's an original way to use some of those cards. Keep an eye out for more posts with more traditional ways of using them :-)

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Jackie xxx said...

Fab layout, would never have thought about cutting the cards up, great idea.