Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Easter Egg hunt answers...

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Easter Egg hunt this year, I hope you all enjoyed it :)  I apologise for the lateness of the results, it's been a busy week! So, here we go with the answers to the clues, and the winners!

Day 1:
This song was a hit for Level 42 in 1986
Lessons in Love - Carta Bella

Day 2:
Which castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world?
Windsor - Kaisercraft

Day 3:
Who is the children's television character pictured?
Fizz - That Special Touch

Day 4:
Which fruit was first bred in Barbados in the 18th Century?
Grapefruit - October Afternoon

Day 5:
An orchestral piece written by Ravel, made famous by Torvill and Dean.
Bolero - Kaisercraft

Day 6:
Which animal has 3 species, which are mountain, plains and Grevy's?

Day 7:
Which country is highlighted in the map?
Morocco - Memento

And the winner, drawn at random and who gets a £30 gift voucher, is Daphne Wuenn-Rihm!  Congratulations Daphne, we'll email your voucher to you shortly :)  But we also have 3 runners-up, who all get a 6x6 paper pad, and they are Ruth Sim, Karen Cass and Claire Richards.  Congratulations ladies, drop me an email and let me know which pad you'd like.
Thanks again to everyone who took part :)


kjjc said...

oo fab, thank you very much. will have a browse a bit later and email. thank you and well done to the other winners too.

Claire said...

Yay, thank you! Excited to be a runner up and will email you in a bit! x

Taniwha said...

Congratulations everyone! Enjoy your prizes!

furrypig said...

congratulations to Daphne and the other winners off to check out the 6x6 pads thank you xxx

Daphne said...

How exciting! Thanks so much!