Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It's time for....

I can't believe Easter is only just around the corner, I know it's early this year, but it still seems to have crept up on me!  Anyway, on this blog, Easter only means one thing - it's time for our annual Easter Egg hunt!  Every day from now until Easter Monday we'll hide an egg on our website - and all you have to do is find it! 

Of course, with thousands of products to look through, you might need a bit of help, so each day I will give you a clue on the blog. Your job is to work out the answer and find the egg on the website :) Make a note of the manufacturer and product, then once you have all seven answers you can email them to me (details on Monday). And, of course, there is a prize to be had! This year we'll be giving away a £30 gift voucher to one lucky person (whose name will be drawn at random) - and we'll also be giving away three 6x6 pads to three runners up (one pad each!) .

So let's get started, here's the first clue...

The song You'll Never Walk Alone is from which Rodgers & Hammerstein musical?

Once you've worked out the answer, pop over to the shop to find the egg and keep a note of it.  And remember to come back tomorrow to find the next egg!

Happy hunting :)

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kjjc said...

Yippee. Love this hunt.thank you.