Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Photoplay ~ Summer Bucket List

Hi all, 
It's Anna here today. This month I've been working with Photoplay's Summer Bucket List collection. This collection is right up my street, with bright colours and a fun elements sticker sheet.  It's perfect for documenting your summer adventures. 

With the summer holidays now here, for my first project with this collection, I have made a 'summer holiday bucket'. I have seen similar projects on Pinterest, and have been keen to make my own. I am very fortunate to work term time only, which I love because I get to spend the holidays with my son. The summer holidays are lovely and we get the chance to do some lovely things together. But there are times when the words 'I'm bored' get said. So this is what inspired me to make this bucket. 

It works like this; the bucket consists of 4 different types of activities:
1. Indoor at home. 2. Outdoors at home. 3. An Outing Outside. 4. An Outing Indoors.

Some examples of this could be: 1. Make a treasure map. 2. Have a water fight. 3. Go to the park. 4. Go to the library.

The reason for having different categories depends on what the situation is that day. Such as the weather and how much time we have. 
Of course you could adapt it to suit your own situation. There are also other types of similar jars or buckets that you could make, for example a date night jar, Christmas etc. But the principle is the same, choose something to do from the bucket or jar when the time or need arises. 

So for this project you will need:
1. Some wide lollypop sticks, I brought them from the Range for £1.
2. A bucket, jar or something similar. 
3. Photoplay summer bucket list collection. 
6. Some ideas for what you want to do. I printed them out but you could also write on the lollypop sticks instead. Pens

 I began by coming up with lots of different activities. I typed these out and printed them. I cut them all into strips and adhered them to the lollypop sticks. 
Next I sorted them into the four different categories, as listed above. I used a different colour washi tape for each category and stuck to the top of each stick. 

The next job was to decorate the bucket. You can do this however you choose to, to suit your type of bucket. I played with various options from the Summer Bucket List collection and decided on using a doilie, a journal card from the collection, some tags and element stickers from the collection.

I made labels to remind us what each category was on the back of the bucket.

Thanks for looking! 

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Anita said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea! Cute to look at too! I would have loved to have done this with my girl when they were younger x