Thursday, 3 January 2008

97% complete!

Okay own up!!! how many if you have a ton of these sitting in your stash!!! Me personally i have at least 10 that i could find ( boy does my room need a clean!)

I love these but i have a hard time actually putting them on a layout. So i decided it was time that i did something with them and set in my mind to use them.

I discovered that they make a really good mini books, they are really quick and easy to do.
I sat down this morning and made this one for my son's grandma. We dont see her that often so i thought this was a really nice little present to send her. I also included my son in making this as after all it is his grandma!!! lol!!!

Please forgive the colour of these photos, but if you live in the UK you will know how dark it has been over the last few days and how hard it is to get a good photo!

THe little holes are really easy to make on all the other parts of the book. In fact if you have the basic Grey files the round one is the perfect fit!
I have left some of the pages blank for the recipient to add there own photos.

As you can see on the next part i let my son write his own message to her.

And draw his own picture...

Thanks for looking!!! try it yourself.

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{s}crap happens! said...

what a brilliant idea, thanks for the tip :)