Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Teaching time!!!

We have had a few comments about how you make notepaper effect on cardstock and pattern paper. You dont have to have a fancy punch to do this you can do it with a hole punch, pencil ruler. So here we are!!!

First start with the paper or cardstock you want...

Next mark out the gaps between the holes. The width depends on how big a gap you want or how big your holes are. You may want to test this before you do it on your fav bit of paper.
Next using the dots as a guide punch your holes.
Using something long and sturdy poke it through the holes and then pull very quickly sidways. I used one of the files from the Basic grey set as it works perfectly.
THis is the effect you get.
You are left with bits hanging off. Sometimes i leave these on, or if the type of layout is right i leave it on.

You can always tear with your fingers for a different effect. Or if you like things neater, use a pair of scissors!!!

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