Thursday, 17 January 2008

DOnt you just love it!!!

I am a big! big! big! fan of KI Memories. In fact it was the first line that i ever bought. And this line is no exception.

THough i have to say i was a little bit intimidated when i saw the new line. First impression??? wow how cool is that. Then after a while i began to wonder how on earth you would actually use it.

And right up until Vanessa gave it to me to use i was still a bit un sure, until i got it home.

One of the best things about it is how many different ways you can actually use it. Take for example the sheet of brown lace cardstock. I have used this sheet twice already. Once i used the whole sheet, but the next time i cut out the individual flowers and leaves and they are great used as an embellishment.

This one i have used as a whole as well, but it looks good cut into lines and used as a border.
This one!!!! is soooooooo pretty i have yet to cut it up!!! LOL!!!
So i got to work using it. I used it many different ways but this way is a bit different and more fun!!!
To do this page i cut out the section of the lace cardstock that i wanted to use and attached it to some acetate. As you can see this is a very effective way to use it!!!

To make the edge of the page stand out i edged it with white paint.And attached little crystals to the ends of the swirls for a decorative effect.

Vanessa shows you how to cut out out the number lace card and use it as part of the background of the page and then she used one of the numbers as part of her title. She outlined the two numbers to make them standout amongst the others she outlined them in white.

Again i used the acetate with this page, i really love the effect it has and it makes it easier to use. I also used some of the new KI Memories paper with it!!!

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willowthewysp said...

I just love that lacy C/S...a definate must have!
The acrylic layout is gorgeous too!