Monday, 21 January 2008

A little book just for you.

Before i start this post i have to tell you i am by no means the creator of this little book. I saw it being made on a website a little while ago here - Nichole Heady and thought it was too cute not to show you.

First you need

Two 12 by 12 papers - doublesided is easier

A set of Bazzill Coasters - any size. The bigger they are the bigger you book will be, so the sixe is up to you. the size i used for this is the 4 inch ones.

2 lots of ribbon fairly long

Co-ordinating cardstock

usual tools and glues...

I kept the length of the pattern paper to 12 inches, but it really depends on how long you want the book to be. I cut the paper to be the same size as the coaster so these papers are 12 inches by 4 inches. Do this to both pieces of paper.

Lay out one of the pieces of paper and then lay one of the ribbons on top and stick down. Make sure there is lots of ribbon at either end as it will be used to tie up the book.

Next stick the coasters to either end of the paper

Next using the other piece of paper you cut out cover the coasters, sick them all down firmly...
Your book should now look like this!!!

As the edges of the coaster a round i then used a basic Grey file to file down the edges and the corners.

Next we use the cardstock. You need to create it into an accordion. I cut it a centimeter smaller than the coaster. You can make the accordion with as many folds in as you like by just flding and pasting a few together

I inked mine before i stuck it down. Before you stick it to the book, attach a piece of ribbon at the back. this you will use to tie it up so it doesnt move about when the book is closed.

Next you can decorate inside...
And here is the final finished photos!!! Sorry for the bad photos but the light here was awful!!! where is the sunshine!!!

I kept the design of this fairly simple, because we are giving this one away. To put yourself in the draw for this all you have to do is comment on this post. THat is it. Comment by sunday and all the names will be in a hat and the winner will get the book sent to them. Show us if you make one of these and we can add it to the readers gallery!!!


Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

What a cute book Wendy, love how you make the instructions step by step and easy to follow.

Sarnj said...

I love this little book. I shall definitely have a go at making one for Mother's Day. Thanks for the detailed instructions with illustrations.

CraftyCarol said...

I loved the book and the colours are great. It's a great idea to have the instructions on your blog the photo's make it much easier to follow. The book has nice girlie colours I think it would be nice for someone who has just had a special birthday the book is just a nice size to pop in a handbag.

Lynn said...

Love the book. Never done anything like this myself but thinking of taking it up as retirement looms.
Your instructions would really help a novice like me.

cathcrops said...

Super duper book, thanks for thre instructions, great stuff :)

mmwwaahh211 said...

Lovely book, thank you for the excellent instructions too. I love the papers, lush colours!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely little book - am very into mini books, so will have to give this one a go! Will keep you posted!

Tina said...

Nice little book that would make a lovely gift for your loved one for Valentine's Day to put all your special pics in... Shame I dont have anyone to give it to ;O( Never mind, If I win I will save it til next year! :O)