Saturday, 5 January 2008

Okay something a bit different..

So today we have something a bit different for you. We often get emails asking how certain things are made. So i thought we would show you how this card was made.

First i have a few things to say about it.

1. I added the brown flower after as after looking at the card for ages i decided another flower would be better. You can never have enough flowers!!! lol!!!
2. The image is backwards, when i figure out how to fix that i will!
3. The colour is not the best, but the days here have been so dark it is hard to get enough light.
4. I know this was not posted on sunday, but i am out all day 2m!!! lol!!!
Anyway i hope you enjoy and let us know whether you like it and we will do it again!!! And i have no idea why it has been put up twice, i cannot fix that sorry!!!

1 comment:

CloClo said...

This is great - I like that you get to see all the sides of the patterned paper in this video too!