Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Write a Letter - Journal Prompt

Do you shy away from Journaling?
Do you tend to stick to the basic facts and figures when it comes to your LO's?

Todays blog post is to try and get you away from that. To make a page that has a reason, something with a meaning and something special to keep and look back on.

This page here is about my daughter and my Mum. I asked my daughter to write a letter to her Nana. Something that can stay private, but telling Nana how you feel and the things that you enjoy doing with her. The letter is then folded and kept and stored inside this envelope.

Why don't you give it a go. Maybe write a letter to someone, or even just a list of thoughts. It's a good way of getting something of your chest, but it's kept hidden.
It could be a story that you have to go with a particular photo, but you wouldn't actually want to share with others. This is the perfect way to tell your story, for it to be remembered, but only shared with those you choose.

I've used a Maya Road decorative envelope for this page. They make several types which you can see here. All shapes and sizes with different finishes.
My other supplies include :
My Minds Eye - Fine and Dandy Paper, Bazzill Cardstock, Ranger Acrylic Paints,


Anonymous said...

That is so nice,I never thought of that before but since you shared it to us now I know.Thanks for sharing us this wonderful tips and guidelines on how to write a formal letter .

Lynn said...

What a super idea. something really special to treasure.