Monday, 9 April 2018

Sketch time...

I spent far to long thinking about what my first blog post could be and in the end I chose a sketch. I actually find them really hard. I always get stuck in making it look exactly the same, do you do that? Anyway, I decided that it was time for me to move out of my comfort zone and see what I could do.

After searching around the internet for far too long I came across this sketch from Scrapourstash and just went with it.

I chose the new Paige Evans line for this page...I always love her lines but this one was just perfect! I really thought about what to make before hand...turned the sketch round and round, sketched out ideas myself and this is what I came up with.

 ( also...please excuse the spelling mistake of your!!!! You're that should have been. I tried to go back and change it but it ripped the your it is! lol.

And here are some close ups.

Those little black letters are from Tim can find them here. They are like the October Afternoon ones but tiny!!!! So cute. And I added some little stickers from Turn the page collection here.

Don't have a die cutting machine and want to make outline hearts...heres how. Remember back to when you were in primary school? Grab a piece of white card and fold it over in half. Draw a heart so the centre of along the edge of the folded edge of the card. Now cut it out

You will get a heart and it will be identical on both sides.

Again fold this in half and then cut out an inside line, start your cutting along the folded edge and when you open it, it will look like this.

Now back it with the pattern paper that you want.

See..really remember this now huh...I remember doing this in primary school. 
Anyway..thanks for popping in and I will see you later this month with an altered item from the kitchen.


julie seymour said...

Brilliant tip Wendy with the hearts definitely going to use it

Karen said...

Love the bright colours.

Hugo said...
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