Thursday, 26 April 2018

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

A few weeks ago I hosted a birthday party for a very dear friend of mine. And knowing that she is a huge Alice in Wonderland fan the theme of the party was always going to be that...and not at all
because I knew that Echo Park were bringing out a new line that I fell in love with! ha!

So after days of bombarding Vanessa at Papermaze with constant emails asking if it was in....IT WAS FINALLY THERE! You can find the collection here. And I raced down the next day to get it.

As I had spent weeks making her Alice in Wonderland present I really wanted to remember them. So these became the photo of my first page using this line. You can find the Alice in Wonderland line here.

And this is what my first page using this looks like.

The sticker sheet has lots of fab things to use, but the papers that are 12 by 12 also have lots of stuff you can use for fussy cutting out embellishments as check those out.

I cut out the paper to look like a cake and added some white card stock to the bottom to make it look like a cake stand.

The sheet with all the butterflies on them is a must....They are perfect for cutting out and using on the page.

The title on this page was made using a sticker. I didn't want use the whole of it so I just fussy cut out the words and they worked perfectly.

TIP FOR YOU: If you want to use a sticker and you are not sure if you want to keep it there or like me you wanted cut it up...take the sticky off the back. I do this by dabbing a bit of talcum powder on there...takes that sticky right off.

I added the photo of the things I had made her for her birthday for this page....luckily she loved them! 
I also Picked up the Mary Poppins paper as well...Can't wait to get my hands into that!

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