Saturday, 15 December 2012

It is time for me to say goodbye...

When I heard that there was going to be a scrapbooking shop opening within driving distance from say I was happy was the understatement of the year.

I went down to Papermaze on the day that it fact my sister and I were there before she had opened the door.

I went back two days later and then a few days later and then over the next few months I was there more and more. After a while Vanessa asked me if I would mind designing some pages to put around the shop walls.

After that we came together and started up the blog and then came the design team...I then became the design team co ordinator...and then ran the workshops.

I have been part of Papermaze for many many years...I have enjoyed many days of putting together kits, sorting out design team supplies, looking through the new boxes and picking out the supplies I wanted before Vanessa had even had a chance to look!... going down there just for a chat and a cup of hot chocolate. I was there when it was thick snow and all the workshop girlies braved the country roads just to get together to scrap and eat chocolate. I have been to the Christmas work dos and had lunch in Vanessa's farm kitchen and cried when I got there to see the damage that the fire did.

But as most of you know, I have bad hands...I have had carpel tunnel in both of my hands for years now and the time has come where I have to do something about it. I am due to have an operation in the next few months on one of them....and looking at having my other hand done next year.

It has become apparent that doing this much scrapbooking and computer work has to after lots of thinking and upset I have decided to step down from the Papermaze design team.

I have enjoyed being part of the venture so much and I am going to miss it.

I hand the reins over to Lou...she works at the shop, designs for us, puts the kits together and she makes the most beautiful pages you have ever seen. Her email is now on the side bar if you want to ask her a question.

 I am still here...I don't 'officially go anywhere till the end of December.... I still have a few posts that have still to be posted over the next few I will be here for a little longer.
 I have worked with some amazing designers over the past few years and I look forward to seeing what the girls have in store for you over the next year.

 I want to thank Vanessa, for believing in me, making me smile and laugh and making this job so much fun... Wendy xxx


ForgedinPaper said...

Good luck and best wishes for the future.

AliWade said...

Best of luck with your operations. I am sure you will still be a big part of the team, but just in a different way - even if you just visit and eat chocolate! I have health issues, which stop me doing all that I want to do (very frustrating), but it is amazing how we all adjust and find a way to keep happy. Ali x

Unknown said...

Good Luck Wendy hope surgery is success and you can come back crafting :-) Hope you have a blessed Christmas and new year. x

CraftyJo said...

Best of luck with your surgery. I have had both of my hands operated on - too much craft work caused damage to the bones so I had trapeziotomy's on both ( a few years apart) and they've been wonderful since then. Just make sure you do any exercises they suggest after the ops to get movement back :)

Christals Creations said...

I hope the ops go well.
I am sure there will still be a cup of coffee there for you when you visit.
Best of Luck.

Louise said...

wishing you lots of luck with your ops x

Sadie green said...

Ah Wendy that's such sad news. Love your work Hun :) thanks for all the beautiful inspirational work over the years you will be missed :( take care and good luck for 2013 x

LoraineC said...

I hope your ops are a success, good luck for the future. Happy Christmas x