Thursday, 12 June 2008

For the love of all things cute!!!

So Vanessa very casually says to me 'oh the box of Heidi Grace is over there if you want to have a look'. What she failed to mention is how completely gorgeously cute it is. And i mean CUTE!!!

Here a are few of them for you to see....

I decided to make a mini album with some of the 'a little birds tale' . I used the following to make this album...

Scenic Route chipboard album...

Paisley paper

Birds tale paper - which if you read it, it tells a very very very cute story

Row of icons paper - which you have to see close up because you can cut out all of it. And the most gorgeous rub ons you have ever seen!!!

And from all of that i made this!

You are going to love this line of paper - you can find it all here!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

this little album is just stunning. will have to 'pop' over and have a look at these papers!! lol.
thanks for the inspiration :)