Sunday, 14 June 2009

Glimmer mists....

are now available here in the shop. A fantastic array of gorgeous colours all ready to add a sparkle and gleam to your finished pages and art work. Each bottle has a coloured sticker on it depicting the "name" of the spray - these stickers are the actual colour of the glimmer mist when sprayed onto white cardstock. As with all mica based liquids, they will look totally different on light to coloured papers.

So, what are glimmer mists?
Glimmer mists are a water based coloured spray which contains mica. Depending on how you spray them, they can go from an all over subtle colour with a hint of glimmer to a really dense colour with heavy mica tones. They are archival safe, acid free and non toxic so ideal for scrapbook pages and all forms of craft. They can be used on paper, card, stampbord, chipboard, grungeboard, wood, canvas, lace and fabric. Try them with masks, glimmer chips and screens to create different effects - the best way to use them is to experiment and see what effects you like.
These are some of the effects you can achieve:-

Glimmer mist used was pink bubblegum....

Try mixing a couple of colours together to get a different effect:- here I've used tattered leather and pink bubblegum....

The best way to store mica based liquids is on their side - this is due to the settlement of the mica when not in use - its far easy to aggitate the mica from a larger area (ie the length of the bottle) then the base. Before using your sprays always give them a really good shake to ensure that the mica is well dispersed.

The hanging piece was created by cutting a piece of white card and laying a T!m Holtz mask onto it, I then sprayed over the mask with pink bubblegum - ensure that spray is dry before lifting any masks/stencils as the spray could disperse into the masked area - Once dry I then added another T!m mask - leaving both in place I then oversprayed with tattered leather - leaving all liquids to dry before removing masks. I then took a piece of stampbord and sprayed jazz blue onto it and added a spritz of pink bubblegum, once dried I stamped and hi-lighted with a scratch tool. A piece of card was spritzed with tattered leather and then "inspire" stamped on it - then hi-lighted with a white pen. A piece of beaded ribbon and a clasp finished it off.

The best thing to do with glimmer mists is to play and have fun and create some fun pieces...Enjoy!

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