Thursday, 27 May 2010

Product highlights

There are so many things that come into the shop...once a week i try and highlight some of the new products...but today i am going to highlight some from Tim Holtz.

First up tools...

I am a huge Tim Holtz's tool fan...they tend to last longer than the normal ones i buy...2 that i love are...Retractable Craft Knife

and his non stick scissors
Both of which are gorgeous!!! if you want to check them out further please check out this post from Jennifer McGuire for more details

We also sell the edge distresser... craft blending tool...alteration dies...she also does very gorgeous cards for Hero any of you use these products or use the Hero Arts stamps...if so let me know what you think of them and send me any cards or projects you may have used so we can feature them on the blog.

Also i am looking for some sketches for our saturday sketches blog...if you find a good one or you do them yourself email me on

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