Thursday, 12 August 2010

Summer Lovin with Fancy Pants

I have a page class for you today.
The 'Wishful Thinking' collection from Fancy Pants just shouts out summer to me, so today we are going to make this summery LO.

To make this LO, you will need the following ingredients:

1 x 5x7 photo
1 x 12x12 bazzill (it doesn't have to be the correct shade of green to match, whites or creams will do too)
1 x Wishful Thinking - Rose Petals
1 x Wishful Thinking - Banner
1 x Wishful Thinking Sticker Sheet
1 x Paint Dabber - Willow
1 x Jack & Jill White Alphas by Doodlebug
Some embroidery thread
Some 3d foam tape
and a paper piercer.

To start with take your piece of bazzill. I wanted to match my background frame (which is what the bazzill will become)with the green leaves on the Rose Petals paper. My green bazzill wasn't the correct shade, so by painting the willow paint around the outside gave me the perfect shade of green. You can do this to a white or cream piece. Don't worry about painting it perfect, just roughly painted on looks good.
And the centre will be covered by your petal page, so you can leave that bit plain.

I had already cut my petal page down to size so that it fits nicely on my piece of bazzill which then becomes my frame. I now want to rough and distress those edges up a bit. Take a pair of scissors and scrape the sides of your petal paper. Go careful not to cut yourself and always scrape away from yourself.
Your petal page is now ready to stick on the centre of your bazzill frame.

Now take your chosen photo and stick in place. I've used a 5x7 which I feel fills the page nicely.
Then take the banner paper and cut out 2 rows of the bunting.
When sticking it to the page, I like to cut small squares of the 3d foam tape and stick on every other little flag. This raises it up slightly from the page.

I've stuck the alphas down on the right hand side of my photo creating my title and now take the sticker sheet. I've used a large and small heart and stuck, overlapping on the left hand side.
Come comes some faux stitching. Simply take your paper piercer and pierce holes around both hearts. Then taken your pen and join up the holes. This then gives you a stitched look without having to sew.

Now comes the embroidery thread. I like to use 3 strands. I then tie a bow on the bunting. I do like to use a small amount of glue to stick the strands in place, but you don't have to.

And now you have your page.

I hope you have enjoyed this class.
Please do come back and show us if you join in.
Thank you xx


laterg8r said...

such a darling lo - love the distressed pretty look :D

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous layout!!

Roz said...

Gorgeous layout. I love the bunting!!
Fab photo as well.

Love Roz

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, love your site real cool pages :)

Janice xxxx said...

I think this is really lovely, fab page

Anonymous said...

I soooo need that pp!!!!

catherine13 said...

I love this - the colours are gorgeous and I love the bunting :)