Wednesday, 1 December 2010

More hidden journalling...

This layout is about a rather difficult walk in the Peak District which I undertook wearing totally inappropriate footwear and was therefore something of an achievement when I reached the bottom of a very muddy and treacherous hill! I wanted to tell the whole story on the layout, but I didn't want to write all over the page, so I incorporated some hidden journalling onto the page using the decorative envelope.

I decided to go for a slight vintage feel for this layout. The old book paper and tags contrast well with the modern funky look of the background paper. You do have to be careful when using old book paper - if you want the page to be preserved for a long time, you may have to use archival spray on the pages to prevent them deteriorating your photographs.

I used a range of embellishments on the left hand side of the photo, including these paper blossoms which tone in brilliantly with the coat I am wearing in the photograph.

The title is mounted across the bottom of the layout. I had to be careful to remove the sticky backing from the tops of the letters which are attached to the envelope, since they will need to be able to move when the flap is pulled down.

The journalling is on a card which slides out of the envelope, telling the whole story of the day in as much detail as I like.
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Roxy said...

Love the hidden journaling, beautiful envelope, and I adore the book paper! That coat is absolutely stellar, too!