Monday, 12 September 2011

Flower tutorial with KI Memories

Today I would like to show you, how you can create you own custom made flowers/blossoms from patterned paper.

I don't know about you but I always find that I very rarely seem to have the perfect colour fit embellishments for my projects at hand. That's where your handmade embellishments come into place - they are fun to create and leave you with a sense of achievement, when you look at the finished project and think "I made that flower!!!"

First gather a few supplies in addition to your papers:
Flower shaped punch or dies
Ink pad (optional)
Mists (optional)
Pearl, brad or bling (optional)
Embossing tool or burnishing tool (optional)

For this tutorial I have chosen to make use of the Cuttlebug Flowers die set, which is perfect for layering you own blossoms.

My chosen papers are

Cut out as many flower shapes as you wish (I always like to create a few "spare" blossom for later use) and lay them out in front of you.

If you like, you can spray them now with some mists, or enhance their edges by running an ink pad along. Alternatively, just leave them as they are.

I then like to carefully roll the end of my embossing/burnishing tool in circular motion along the middle of each flower. If you don't do it too hard, you will soften the middle of the paper and the edges should slowly raise up by themselves.

Or you can just carefully crunch the flower upwards and unfold it a little afterwards.

Once you have crumpled/burnished all your layers, adhere them on top of each other like so (you only need a small amount of glue in the middle section).

If you want you can add either a piece of bling, a pearl, a brad or a button in the middle and your blossom is ready.

See, really easy and the results are definitely worth it. Besides, it is a good way to make use of any scrap paper that you have lying around.

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Marina said...

Love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)