Friday, 26 May 2017

Bo Bunny - Kiss The Cook (Mini Album)

Hello - Lynn here today - back with more of the Bo Bunny 'Kiss The Cook' papers. The collection inspired me to make a cookery book for all my tried and tested cake recipes. I have been looking at 'You Tube' videos for creating albums. I love the idea of paper engineering to make something that is practical and appealing.

I added a few sheets of 'Kiss The Cook' paper to those I had left over from the layouts I made earlier in the month, I also had some Combo Stickers left and added a pack of Noteworthy Die Cuts
The album required some mat board, Black Bazzill Cardstock, magnets, Golden Gel Medium (Matte), Creative Expression Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue and Black Duck Tape.
For the tabs I used Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations Bigz Die - Tiny Tags and Tabs.

I took much inspiration from the work of Zannerol and Katy Orta King on You Tube, before setting about making my version. Here is a bit of a pictorial step-by-step, including the measurements.

Cut Mat Board with a craft knife - 2 pieces for the back and front of the album (6.75" x 9.5") & 1 piece for the spine (1.5" x 9.5").

Using Duct Tape, this is strong and will also provide a water resistant finish - useful in a kitchen! For the inside of the album, butt the front and back to the spine and tape together.

Tape all around the edges to give a neat, protective finish. Cut notches where the folds show on the outside to give flexibility. Outside shown above and inside shown below.

Close the album so the spine is stretched before adding tape.

Tape the outer spine, you can see a book placed inside the album at this point to hold the spine & covers in position.

Depending on the number of pages you want in you book cut the cardstock - To make 9 pages (total of 18 pockets). Cut 9 file pieces 8" x 6" and score at 0.5" and 4.5". Cut 1 end piece 4.5" x 6" and score at 0.5".

Stick the 0.5" tabs to the next file until they are all joined and add the end piece, concertina style - see above and below.

Mark positions for the tiny magnets and stick into place inside each file. These will be covered by the decorative papers later.

With the Sizzix die cut tabs from scraps of black cardstock left over from files. Add small pieces of white card inside and glue into place at the top of each file. Front shown above and reverse shown below.

This last flap will be used to secure the files into place at the bottom of the inside cover, The back pocket will cover this join and help keep it secure.

To decorate, cut papers to fit the back, front and spine and arrange pieces from the pack of die cuts, stickers and also images cut from the papers. Stick images in place with Gel Medium, and seal by painting this over the images. Again this will help make the album water resistant for use when cooking. Allow time for this to dry before attaching to album.
Front Cover

Back Cover

Add some detail with a black and white waterproof markers.

Decorate the inside by making pockets using more cardstock and decorative papers. Each file can be flipped down to reveal the recipe you need. The magnets hold the others out of the way. 

Cut smaller pieces of patterned papers to cover the files. These can then be decorated with photos, images and recipes.

Print or write out general information sheets like this to store in the pockets.
The photo above shows the reverse side of the files - yet to be decorated. The whole file system is held in place with more magnets.

This is a work in progress, and I will add to the album as I discover new favorite cake recipes. I have already cut enough pieces of paper to cover the rest of the files. and I have an envelope of die cuts, stickers, items I have cut out, photos and recipes ready to continue.

I hope this has inspired you to have a go at making your own album, for photos, recipes, journalling or another purpose.

Thanks for looking.
Lynn x


Anita said...

Love this Lynn! What a lot of work,but its well worth it. Really lovely xx

Unknown said...

What an amazing project Lynn, I love it!