Monday, 5 June 2017

Creative Expressions Glitter Kiss

Hello Julie here today to talk about my new obsession Creative Expression Glitter Kiss.  I am well known for being covered in glitter and loving it, however Glitter Kiss is a glitter phobics dream!

Creative Expressions has created a mousse/cream like product that is full of glitter in 12 gorgeous colours.  It comes in a large glass jar which contains 50ml of product and has a handy sponge applicator that fits on top of the jar.  It glides onto paper and goes easily through stencils.  Once applied to your project the Glitter Kiss hardens after a couple of minutes and the glitter is sealed in and will not come off onto anything else.  It leaves a slightly raised texture to your projects, depending on how much you use, but it isn't as thick as texture paste.

To use the product you dampen the sponge, add product to the sponge and apply in a circular motion.  I have found you don't have to just apply in a circular motion, you can dab or drag it along the edge of cardstock (see below), my advice is to have a play and see what works for you.  The mousse/cream like consistency means it doesn't spill out of the jar which means no glitter particles flying all over your workspace. Clean up is so easy too!  Once you have used the sponge applicators you can run them under warm water, give them a squeeze and the product just comes off easily.  I have tested what happens if the applicators are left for a little while and the product dries on the sponges and they have still cleaned off just as easily.  If you get some on your work surface (as you can see I made rather a large mess) I found a simple swipe of a baby wipe took the product right off, leaving behind no glitter!

I have used the Light Copper Kiss and Golden Sand through one of my favourite Tim Holtz stencils to create autumn leaves.  I used a circular motion and found the Glitter Kiss gathered around the edges of the leaves creating a lovely outline of each leaf.  The colours mix together easily and beautifully to glittering autumnal leaves.  I then went over the background with the gorgeous new creamy Distress Oxide Ink in Fossilised Amber and then spritzed it with some Cosmic Shimmer Pearl Mist to get the oxidisation effect going and to amp up the colour.

To create the card background I went a step further with the Glitter Kiss and applied it directly to an embossing folder to see what would happen.   I took a small amount of product from the jar and rubbed it onto my embossing folder.  I placed a card in the embossing folder and ran it through my Big Shot Plus and the effect was stunning.  The raised areas had a lovely glittery glow around the edges and it took barely any time at all.  I then went over the card with some Tim Holtz Distress Inks to create a contrasting background.  I simply ran the embossing folder under some warm water and rubbed the Glitter Kiss off.

I used the same technique with a more detailed stencil from the Tim Holtz mini stencil pack to see how well the product would work through such intricate patterns.  Again it came up wonderfully!  A tiny bit of the detail may have been lost but overall it worked very well.  And again the glitter stays on the paper and does not rub off your finished project.

I then went onto to see how well the colour would cover a grey die cut piece.  On one side of this butterfly you can clearly see the original grey colour of the die cut.  You could paint it/ink it before you add the Glitter Kiss or it could be that you want to see the original colour of a die cut piece that you have.  I used a very light hand to add a small amount of product and it has a very fine layer of glitter and colour.  On the other half of the butterfly you can clearly see the gold and the copper dots.  I built up layers of the Glitter Kiss whilst it was still wet (but I have tried it once the product it dry) and the original colour of the die cut is completely covered.  For the middle of the butterfly I even mixed two colours by firstly adding a layer of blue and then using my heat gun to dry it and then adding a layer of gold.  The effect is a gorgeous blue body with a shimmer of light gold.  There are lots of colours to play with and lots of colour combinations you could try.

On my last example I decided to try the Glitter Kiss on fabric and to see what the effect would be if I used two completely different colours.  I had a piece of muslin and I used my Tim Holtz stencil and the Light Copper colour to create the leaves.  I let this dry and then added a fine layer of the gorgeous Sea Green to the outside of the leaves to create an outline.  Being a liquid type product, it does sink into the fabric a tiny bit but there is texture to the outside of the leaves where there is more product.  I would not recommend using Glitter Kiss on fabric you need to wash as I imagine it will just wash off immediately however to add a bit to ribbon or fabric for a project would be ideal.  I stapled the fabric to a card base and added some ribbon and a couple of leaves that I die cut to finish off my card.  I love how it turned out and can't wait to try some more stencilling on fabric.

I hope you all enjoy trying out this great new product, tag us in your Instagram photos of your projects so we can see what you create.

Products are available online at the Papermaze shop xx

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