Thursday, 22 May 2008

How to - Scalloped edges...

One of the many questions that i get asked is how do i make my scalloped edges. It is really easy and after a few tries, you can do it all the time and add some extra detail to your page.

First off you need a corner rounder. There are several on the market, but the ones i like are from EK Success, because they do corner rounders in so many different sizes and this will give you options for the sizes of your scallops.

First thing you have to do it take of the guard. You cannot make scalloped edges without taking the guard off.

Next place the punch up against the edge of the paper that you want to use. You have to do this upside down so after you have done one you can match the edges up.

THis is what you will end up with

Then line up the punch next to the first punch mark and punch again.

Keep going until you have the desired effect that you were after.

You can do this on the edges of circles as well.

So there you go really easy and quick. ANy questions, post them in the comments section and i will answer them. :)

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