Thursday, 25 September 2008

For my love of chipboard!!!!!

I will not even tell you how many pieces of chipboard i have, in fact it is embarrassing!!!! lol.
But it is so versatile, especially the raw type, which is why it is one of my favourite mediums to use.

The reason? you can turn it into anything you want to, any texture or colour that you need.


When you buy an alphabet set, draw round the letters and make templates before you use them. I do this for every set that i buy. Then when i use them and i have run out of the letter 'e' i can use the template to make another letter. Now granted it will not be the same, but add some ink, some faux stitching lines round all the letters and some pop dots and if you dont look to closely you will not be able to tell the difference.

I know a lot of companies bring out some matching chipboard letters to match the line of the pattern paper. But sometimes for different reasons i dont manage to get them.

This is where raw chipboard letters come in handy. I buy one of the sheets of pattern paper from the paper line, and use that to cover the letters so they match.

I have found a few you tube videos for you on this subject.

Paint is a fantastic way to colour your chipboard, especially when you mix the colours to come up with that perfect colour. This way you are not restricted to what the manufacturers have produced.


Adhere your chipboard to a piece of scrap paper when using paint as it will hold your shape or letter still and there will be less mess ( especially on your fingers!!! can you tell i hate being messy).

Inks and embossing... One of my favourite things to do is ink over raw chipboard. It is less messy then paint and quicker. When it is done, i then add some embossing ink and emboss over the top and add some glitter. Very effective and very cheap!!!

Here is a page is did using the new Basic Grey ( again, yep i am in lurveeeeeeee with this paper)

One of the things i wanted to have on this page was glitter and as i didnt have the right letters left in my letter stash, i reached for my raw chipboard alphabets.

First i picked out my letter...

Next i figured out what colour i wanted them to be. White and sparkly seemed the way to go. So i inked all the letters with white ink...

I inked them twice leaving them to dry in between. You need a good layering of the ink to cover the raw chipboard, otherwise your letters will look grey.

I then covered with some embossing ink and added some holographic embossing powder to give it that sparkle.


hotpotato said...

OOOOO I love this LO Wendy.....might just have to scrap lift it.....Janina

Anonymous said...

Im shocked wendy you did wet embossing!!

But it look's good, i have got my heat gun & poweder's out now!!