Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Oh the dreaded double pager!!!!! - day three

How many of you actually do double pagers and enjoy them. I will be the first to say, that i dont do them, but when i do i really enjoy them. So why may you ask do i not do them more often?

I find them intimidating!!! do you?

One of the reasons is to do with one of the biggest rules behind double pagers.
The design of the pages has to flow from one page to another. One of the ways to do this is to use the same colour cardstock and pattern paper though both of the pages. This helps the page to flow together. But i never seem to have the same coloured cardstock!!! lol.

Using a line of pattern paper and speading it over both pages united the pages and keeps them together.

Next comes the photographs. Keeping the photograph of the same subject or event is another key to making the page flow. Placing the photographs is tricky as they need to balance to make the page work. This is, i think, a personal thing. What looks fine to one person may look wrong to another. My tip, go with what you want, these are your pages, do what you think looks right.

One of the things i do to keep the pages balanced it to have the photographs touching each other, like in these two double pages..... it brings the two pages together.

Also on the Happy Easter page, you can see that i mirrored how i did the edges of the pages, with the scalloped edges and the torn paper. This makes it seem like on big page, even though this is a double 8 1/2 by 11 page. Also the design principle of the visual triangle still applies to double pages... ie.. on the Happy Easter layout the visual triangle is the journaling, title and the flowers on the bottom right hand corner. Click on the pages to make them bigger.

So over the weekend i challenged myself to do a double pager.... yep, i have to tell you it took me two days to do. ( though the average page normally pages me about a day and a half).

For this double page i used the new Making Memories Fa La La La La line. This line is beyond gorgeous, take my word for it. And this one is just toooooooo beautiful!!! It looks funny in the picture, but in real life, the vellum is pure white and the snowflakes are white as well. Really Stunning.

Anyway back onto the double page. One of the comments that see regularly on message boards and in conversations, is that christmas pages are on the hardest to do. I get round that by making them all black and white. SOme people say that is cheating, but i have always done it this way. I did try once to have everyone over christmas to wear red and green, but that soooooo didnt work out!!!! Then what i do is print of the christmas pictures in colour and keep them in a special christmas album that i have.

I am sorry for the quality of the photographs this week. My camera is broken and has been sent to the shop to be fixed ( 6 weeks they say!!!!!!! not sure how i will cope with that) so therefore i am using a very old camera, which is not all that good )

Please click on the pages to make them bigger.

To start of making this double page. I sellotaped the two base pieces of card together. And approached this page as just one big page instead of two. When doing double pages, i start off in the centre of the two pages and work outwards.

I alternated the photos with titles of what each photo is about. But you can add more photos to the other squares and save the journalling for outside the edges.

My tip for doing double pages is - see it as one big page instead of two, and it really helps!!!

I will see you 2m!!!

( ps.... you sooooooo know what the competition is going to be this month now huh!!!!! :))


Jane said...

More early morning inspiration - cool - You even got me saying "I've got the perfect papers for something like that" You know - the ones that sit there coz we have no idea how to! Thanks Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Oh im waiting on those christmas paper's!!

Anonymous said...

Oh im waiting on those christmas paper's!!

hotpotato said...

Lovely the christymas double spread....those MM papers are soooo scrummy in the flesh....Janina