Saturday, 29 November 2008

yep we are obsessed!!!

Yep another post on this blog containing the new Fancy pants line 'The Daily Grind' but seriously since Vanessa got this line though the door, it has all i have wanted to use.

I have posted this page on my own blog but wanted to share it with you here and to show you that not every page has to be expensive.

One of the first things i do when faced with a new line, is pick out the papers that i love, but i know that i cannot buy all of them ( well most of the time lol!) so i then go about selecting the ones i love and the ones that will help me put the page together.

One of the papers that i always buy is the one in the line that can be cut up and used on the page as embellishments. They are not always the prettiest ones in the line, but actually they are more uselful than any of the others.

For example in this Line from Fancy Pants there where several that i could have chosen...

THis one, for cutting out the flowers at the bottom and the rest of the piece is a good base colour to use on the page.

and this one as the leaves are perfect to cut out as well...

are perfect for that, as they both have something you can cut out and still use the rest of the paper for something else.

This exactly what i did to create this page...

This page is made up of just pattern paper and a few pieces of card.... ( and the few bits of bling of course, cannot do a page without that.

Also adding sticky pads underneath some of the bits of papers, flowers, leaves etc makes them stand out from the page and add more detail and all for the price of a piece of pattern paper...

Have you done page using the new Daily Grind line? if you have send your pages to and i will put them up on the blog.


Zarah said...

Wendy! That is FAAAAAB!!

Anonymous said...

I love your layering!!!
Whats your new blog address??