Wednesday 18 February 2009

My Minds Eye.

Did you see that the new My Minds Eye is in at the Papermaze shop. You can find it here, and it is gorgeous and so much better in real life!!!

I went over to Papermaze the other day and picked some up to play with. I wanted to make some cards and a small present for a friend and this line was perfect!!!!!

I need a general hello how are you card for a friend i had not seen for a while and i ccame up with this...

I needed a birthday card for another friend and came up with this one...

FOr this card i cut out two circles the same size. One for the front of the card and one for the back and secured the two together at the top with a small piece of double sided tape. It needs to be really strong double sided tape so when the card is open it does not come apart.

I then cut out the centre of the front circle and added some transparency to the centre to stamp on the image. When i finished i covered up the back of the front circle so you couldnt see all the glue.

I also made a small quick bookmark. I folded the card over to the size that i wanted and before cutting i left a little bit for folding over to make adhere it all together.

I cut out the letters ABC from my Cricut machine. I have had to leave the actual bookmark empty as i want to put a photo of me and my friend on there but have yet to take it!! lol.

You can find the new Minds Eye papers here. tfl xxx

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