Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Basic Grey Marrakech Layout 1

Whilst I am normally quite a fan of BG, when I saw this line I wasn't too keen.
Of course then when my package arrived from Vanessa, to have a play with, guess what was inside?
Yep- you guessed right!

This is what I was sent...

4 sheets of assorted Marakesh papers, and 3 co-ordinating sheets of Bazzill cardstock.
Firstly I took the Darjeelings paper, and cut a pice 9 1/4 inches deep.
I also cut two strips of the Cardamon paper each 1 1/4 inches wide.

The photo I used was a 5"x7" size, but I trimmed it down to 6"x5" as this would work better for the layout I had planned.
I stuck it down onto the Darjeelings piece, about an inch and a half in from the left of the page, and quite centrally between the top and the bottom of the piece of paper.

Next I scalloped one edge of each of the Cardamon strips using my large size EKSuccess corner/scallop punch.

I then used a Cats Eye chalk inkpad in dark brown to ink the edges of all the pieces I had cut so far, and the blue base cardstock.

Using a circle template, I pierced several rings of holes around the photo to stitch through.

Then using a needle and embroidery thread I added my stitching to the page.

On the back I used small pieces of tape to secure the loose ends.

After adding a some doodled dots around the scalloped edges, I then attached my title- for this I used American Crafts Glitter Thickers, Lax White.

My journalling I wrote on thin strips of card, then I stuck them on with 3-D foam pads for extra dimension.
Lastly I also stitched all around the outer edges of the entire layout.

And here is the completed layout-

I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I managed to work with these papers considering my initial reaction to them- I Iwill now go and buy some of the other papers in the range!


Mrsjobee said...


Jackie xxx said...

Love this layout - great use of the Bazzill Institch Template.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with this! I love the look of it, and it looks even better knowing you did it without even really liking the paperline. Well done!!

Laura said...

Love the stitching on this. Was going to ask what the template was - but I see the answer is already here in the comments! :)

Anne said...

Beautiful blues. The stitching is fabulous - must have taken ages!

Anonymous said...

Love how you ink so neatly!!!!
Who make's that circle sewing template, please? i want one!!!!

Unknown said...

Bazzill In Stitchz :o)

katrynka said...

Isn't it great how different we all are! I fell in love with the Marrakech papers the second I saw them!! I did a set of cards for a Marrakech kit, and I have a few papers, and am ordering more to make some cards of my own design, rather than than using the kit ideas.

Unknown said...

So true katrynka. And if we were all the smae and liked all the same things scrapbooking could get a little boring. I do love trying to use stuff I don't like much- and love the result I got with this layout.