Sunday, 1 March 2009


Ooh when it comes to hearts and paper i just cant resist on using them on my daughters layouts as this pack was sent out to me i had used most of the paper on my other layout.I wanted a different look on this layout a softer touch to it as the photo I'm sure you will all agree needed it
so using the heart patterned paper i scanned the image into my photo shop then altered the colour black and white then printed it onto printable acetate this enabled me to get a different effect out of one piece of paper.
i started off by cutting the two strips of paper into two different sizes once this was done using a stamp i stamped the image then glued my papers on top then cutting two more strips of my scraps which was left over placing them on the bottom coming across the card stock using a purple mist spray i sprayed a little onto a piece of cotton wool and inked all around the photo
once dry i glued it into place i then added my chosen embellishments stitches and stamps to make the layout complete

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