Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And they are up!!!!

Last week we told you about Papermazes new online workshops. They have all been finished and are now up for sale for you to buy.

You can find them here. Already there are only limited stocks left!!!! and we have re ordered the 'Gorgeous' Layout Basic Grey paper, so if you want one grab it now!!!

The difference with our kits are that you dont get a sent of written instructions. When you order the kit online you send an email to me and i add you to a blog that is done just for that workshop. Please be aware that i work full time so will do the inviting of people to view the website in the evenings :)

You need a blogger account to do this but it only take a few mins to sign up for one.You can sign up here.

On the blog are lots of photos, detailed step by step instructions and tips about how the page goes together. The beauty of it is , you get more photographs and you can ask question after question and i am there to help if needed.

I will have a list of people who bought the kits, so all you have to do is email me on wendy@bbbweb.com with your email address ( that one that you use for your blogger account) and i will add you to the blog so you can see the instructions.

If you buy a kit we really hope that you enjoy making your page!!!


Anonymous said...

, nothing to worry about at all was there!? lol

Anonymous said...

Half my msg is missing, i basically said, wel done girl, wtg!!!!!