Thursday, 17 September 2009

To clear things up!

We have had a fantastic response to the online workshops and i have been getting lots of emails asking to have acess to the instructions. I am going to just write a piece about how this works.

You have to create a blogger account. The instructions are on a blog for you to access as and when you like. I do advise that you print it out for future use ,as the blogs will not stay up forever.

When you email me to say that you have bought a kit. I need you to email me and let me know the email address that you signed up with blogger. You do not at any point need to start a blog.

I then use your email to add you to the list of people who can see the blog. You will get an email from blogger inviting you to follow the link and then follow the instructions from there.

As i said in the other post, i do work full time and do not get onto my computer until about 7pm so do not worry if you email me and dont get an answer straight back.

We decided to do it this way instead of sending written instructions. With instructions printed on paper it is limited as to what you can write and how many photographs to use. With a blog i was able to write long detailed instructions and lots and lots of photographs. If you had a question everyone will be able to see it, and the same goes if you want to look at more detailed photos.

I hope that this clears up some questions and please email me, Vanessa or the shop if you have anymore questions.

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