Saturday, 31 October 2009

November workshops

This month we have 3 workshops to do.

THe first one is on the 11th November.

It is a page that has a mini album on the actual page. This workshop starts at 7.30pm. Bring with you your normal cropping tools and a big photo nearly an A4 size. The colours of this page are green and blue.

The 2nd workshop is a christmas cards workshop. We will be making 'special christmas cards' on this evening.

This is going to take place on the 18th November and starts at 7.30pm. Bring with you your normal cropping tools. We will only hold this workshop if we have enough people.

THe third one is a page based on puzzle shapes.

It is done using the new Basic Grey Nook and Pantry line. Again you need to bring your normal cropping tools and it starts at 7.30pm on the 25th November.
You will need several pictures for this one. I have used 4 photos on this one, but you can add more if you wish. The size of the puzzle shapes and there fore the photos are roughly about 10.5 cm by about 13cm. Preferably portrait size.

If you have never been to one of our workshops before, they are held in the shop, we have tea, hot chocolate, lots of gossiping and laughing. They are great fun, and dont worry if you have no one to come with it is a very easy and friendly place!!! lol. Hope to see you there.

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