Thursday, 26 January 2012

Use it up!

Hi everyone! This month I was excited to work with the Basic Grey Picadilly collection, which will be in the shop really soon! One of the things I love about collection packs is the cover sheet with mini pics of all the papers and goodies inside - they are so pretty laid out all together like that. So I got to thinking... there must be something I could do to make use of the front sheet and incorporate it into a project.

I was inspired to cut out the little squares of patterned paper and see where they led me...

After a little bit of playing around I figured out how to make a folded flower using 5 tiny squares of paper. I love how they turned out so thought I would share with you how I created them.

1. Take a mini paper square

2. Fold it diagonally across the centre

3. Fold the 2 sides inwards to meet the centre 'corner' of the triangle. (When you hold it flat it will be square)

4. Where the 2 flaps meet in the middle, fold those pieces back on themselves.

5. Repeat with 4 more squares until you have 5 pieces like this

6. Using a wet glue or strong adhesive, slot the folded pieces together and glue each 'petal' in place to create the flower shape.

7. Cover up the uneven centre with a pretty embellishment

8. Use the finished flowers to embellish your project :)

I hope I've inspired you to find some interesting ways to use things up! I'd love to hear your ideas or see your projects :)

Amanda x


Patrice said...

Great job!

Donna said...

what a GORGEOUS layout!!!!

Sadie green said...

wow that little flower is so cute!

Hilary J said...

Love those flowers and the layout too. I always knew that there would be a cute way of using that sheet in the BG packs! Thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle (scrappinforkenzie) said...

OOh these flowers are gorgeous!! New follower! I'm so happy I found you! :)