Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2013 Review & Resolutions

Have you put 2013 to bed yet or are you still scrapbooking and working on your 2013 photos and Project Life pages?

At the end of a year I like to make a years review LO. Just a brief word about each of the months with the highlights. It's also a really nice way to finish off the years scrapbook.

This year I found a 12x12 paper from Simple Stories that was perfect for this year review page.
It's from the Daily Grind collection - Everyday Hustle.
Here is the LO using that paper.

The paper does most of the work for you which is why it's so perfect for this project.
I did add some of the matching stickers in the centre.

I used some old Thickers and printed off my photos really diddy to fit in the little boxes.
So whilst we are talking about finishing the 2013 scrapbooks, I thought I'd share with you my scrapbook collection. I'm really trying to organise these better and over the past couple of years have been replacing the postbound albums with the D-Ring. The D-Ring Albums are just so much better. I love the fact that you can just add pages so easily and swap them around, The postbounds are just a faff really. You can see the collection of D-Ring Albums here. American Crafts are my favourites.
I then use Thickers on the spines. I do add some PVA to make sure they don't fall off.

I still have a couple that need replacing. The two at the top that are unnamed are our first US trip when we got married in Orlando. I need to bite the bullet and sort those. I scrapped those in 2007. They look so dated now and nothing like my style at all. Part of me would love the scrap those photos all over again. I also need to start new albums for my kids too. Theirs are overflowing.
But I have started off well and as you can see I do have my 2014 album ready which is good as I only filed my 2013 towards the end of the year.
Maybe this should be my New Years Resolution....sort my scrapbooks.
If you think this looks impressive and that I look organised. Let me show you what sits on the table at the bottom of this shelf unit.

Not quite so impressive, eh?!!
I still have a long way to go until I feel organised : )
How do you file and store your LO's? I'd love to hear. Feel free to leave a comment here.
Thanks and here's to a better and more organised 2014!!
Lisa xx


Lesley G said...

Very organised. I too use ring binder style albums and am currently converting all my post bound to the same. The only LOs that are organised as such are holidays which have albums of there own - everything else is random - I like the not knowing what you're getting next aspect!

Karen leonard said...

Totally agree with you about the D ring albums. Love your review page, great idea. What an huge pile of layouts! I don't envy that task :)
Karen x

tiffany said...

Love your pretty shelves of bright scrapbooks! I also made the switch from postbound to Drings, and store on a shelf like you do. but now i've found that they are sagging at the bottom, pulling from the top and breaking the top hole of the page protector. Do you have this problem at all?

lisa said...

Thanks for your comments.

Yes Tiffany, I do find that too. I wondered if I just try and squeeze too many in to one album. I'm guessing it's just the weight pulling on them.