Monday, 13 January 2014

Thrifty Flowers...

In recent times, we are seeing more and more crafters hand making their own embellishments in order to reduce their crafty spending. So in keeping with this, and to give you a helping hand, I am going to show you a simple way of creating blooms very quickly, and resulting in pretty, fairly realistic looking flowers that could be bought ready made for many £'s!  
All you will need is:
some patterned paper (scraps will be perfect)
A flower punch (see our collection of handheld punches HERE)
or a flower die (THIS is a fabulous set to use)
Inkpad in a darker shade to the paper
Wet Glue, preferably Hot Glue for speedy adhering.
First you need to take your chosen flower punch or die, and cut out four of the same shape.
Ink the tips of the petals in a darker shade.
Now pinch the tip of each petal. The more creases you get in the petals, the more realistic it will look!

With one layer as your base, 'screw up' a 6" length of thread and glue it roughly into the centre.

Repeat this building up to three layers...

The last flower shape, you want to turn over and pull up the petals so that the colour on the outside matches the top colour of the other petals.

Glue this centre piece on top of the other three petals and VOILA!!

The thread gives it a slightly 'wispy' look.
You can see below how changing your flower punch or die can totally alter the final result.

We would love to see your projects using this handmade flower technique. If you do make something, please do send a photo in to me at and you never know, we just might share some on the blog here :-)
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kjjc said...

Wow. Love it. Thanks for,sharing this

Dotty Jo said...

Great idea, thanks for the tutorial! Jo x

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Brilliant flowers Lou, going to give them a try!