Saturday, 29 March 2014

How do you use yours? Part 1

Hello, it's Lisa with you today.
I would love to know how you use your Project Life style cards.

There are so many of them around right now. They are so pretty and fun to use.
Surely though, not everyone is using them for Project Life, right?
Do you keep seeing them and keep wondering how you can use them?
I have a series of blog posts for you with some ideas on how to use these little cards.

I'm starting today with a layout.
They make the perfect journal cards.

They do come in other sizes and designs too with pretty bits and pieces to match in this 'Instascrap' range here. With Spring on the way, these colours could not be more appealing. I used these Epoxy Stickers too.
I started off the layout with a Tim Holtz stencil/mask.
I had no idea these even existed. I was browsing in the online shop and stumbled across them. OMG!! I love them so much. There are some really great designs. I grabbed the Sunburst and will be adding more to my collection soon : )
I laid the stencil side ways on and used a red ink first, but quite lightly. I then added some cream coloured chalk over the top. It's given it a bit of a misted dreamy look.
The story was the main point of this layout, so I had already planned to place the journal card along side the photo in the centre. I picked this card from the Prima pack as it gave me plenty of space to tell the story.
And this by the way was taken before we started queuing for the roller coaster. he smiles : )
I added some of the Epoxy stickers and the rubbons from the little Prima set. Along with the journal card it made making a layout very easy.
I made these little flags from some scrap paper.
I drew this below, cut out, added sticky tape and attached to a cocktail stick which I then inked.
Then I finished off the layout with a little sewing and a few more stickers and rubons.
It's now finished. 
I hope you like these ideas and can see how easy these Project Life style cards are to use on layouts. Don't let them put you off if you aren't in to Project Life. There are so many other ways that they can be used.
I will be back with another idea tomorrow.
Enjoy your Saturday x

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