Friday, 11 May 2018

Time for tea...

For my post this month I wanted to do something other than a scrapbooking page. I love making cards and altered items so wanted to have a play around with something different.

I have made a few of these before on a wooden tag and a canvas. But this one is made just for me!

First off I bought a wooden chopping block. It is not very tall or wide and will look perfect on the wall in my kitchen. This wasn't very expensive, I got this for £3.50! I chose this wooden colour as I knew I wanted to paint it white which meant when I distressed it you would be able to see the wood colour underneath.

This took two coats to cover and dried really quickly.

I then printed out the outline of a cup from the internet and cut it out. Really quick and easy....and then came the fun part...choosing the papers for the teacups.

I went with a mixture of the Dear Lizzy Stay colourful and Paige Evans >>>>>>

The two are really bright and colourful collections and actually work really well together.
Below is the template I used.

Then you cut off the top of the cup to make it look like you can see the inside.

Then you stack them on top of each other, like the photo below. I cut up some gold washi tape 

and used it to add a building edge of the teacups. I also added some gold paint for the trim and used a gold pen around the handles.

I also cut up some gold glitter paper for a decoration on a few of the cups.

I like to have the cups sitting on something to ground them to the background. I like to use woodgrain as a back ground to mimic a wooden table. 

Because I love adding lots of details to the things I made, I couldn't resist adding some little teabags hanging over the top.

So I cut up little rectangles and added little hearts. This paper from the Paige Evans line was perfect for this. I turned over my heart punch to punch round the heart on the paper....perfect outline.

The little teabags looked like this. To add them to the cups I used cross stitching floss.

To add a little decoration to the side of the cups I cut out the moths from this paper to add to each handle.

While I was waiting for inspiration to kick in ( couldn't think of what else to do ) I decided to sand down the edges of the board to age it.

I just used some nail files to rough up the edges...

And then the edges look like this...

To jazz up the handle a bit I added some string that I had in the kitchen.

I also added some silver card for the spoons.
I also cut up this paper for flowers and used the to add a little bit more decoration to the cups.

One last thing I added was some diamond transparency. I used the edges of this I didn't want to waste the bits that didn't have the frames on them.I added a few gems here and there and it was done.

And here it is in its place in my kitchen.

Thanks for popping into today to see what I have made. Hope to see you again next time!

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Anita said...

I love this! Its supercute! xx