Thursday, 11 October 2007

Design team gal!!!

Okay it is time to introduce you to the next design team member!

I asked her some questions and here is what she said!!!

Hi my name is Angie, i am 34 years old ( but i still feel about 18 inside!) I have been married for 12 years and have two beautiful children.
My scrapbooking addiction started nearly 2 years ago when i asked my husband for an album for Christmas. I was going to use scrapbooking as a way of using scraps leftover from making cards.That didn't last long!!!

* i am a true blonde, through and through. You can tell this from my total dizziness and lack of organisation !
* I love hot chocolate with marshmellows and sprinkle on top - yum!
* I was bought up in Essex
*My favourite colour is ..PINK
* My mum wouldn't let me have my ears pierced until i was 16 despite much pestering from me... however it wasn't until nearly my 17th birthday that i actually picked up the courage to get them done.
*As a child i won a first place in a dance festival - as a caveman.
*I can play the piano, recorder and violin.. but i am not very good at any of them.
*My current scrapping obsession is with buttons.
*My favourite dessert is sticky Toffee pudding and custard.
*I am naturally a very messy person.

I started with one general album, then bought 2 more so i could have one for my daughter, one for my son,and a general one for everything else. I scrap photos i like far more than events, and i dont scrap them in any particular order-just what ever takes my fancy at the moment.

Then i bought one for me to use as my Book of me. I started that so long ago i no longer like most of the pages in there, and plan to start work on it again soon.
Before long the first 3 albums were full to bursting ( my pages used to be very bulky) so i bought 3 more. All those albums were 12 by 12 in size. I have recently bought an 8 1/2 by 11 album which i love and am well on the way to filling up! This currently is the size i tend to scrap in.

When placing pages in my albums they go in the order they are made. i dont like the thought of putting them in chronological order as my scrapping style is constantly changing so much and i like to see the progression.

That is a question i can't really answer.
When creating a page, i always start with the photo.
Then i choose the papers and general colour scheme and feel of the layout.
Once i have all the ingredients i throw them onto the floor, and see what happens! I have no method, i never sketch how i want it to look, or consider any 'scrapping rules'.
Fortunately this technique seems to work for me - most of the time!
I currently love fairly freestyle scrapping, and this works so well with the way i work.

Such a hard question! And i really dont think i can possibly narrow it down to just one!
I have different favourites for different types of products... for example...
I have to say a definite Heidi Swapp for chipboard alphabets. And probably Scenic Route papers, but i also love Basic Grey... but any bright funky papers will be considered right now!
At a push i suppose Bazzill could be the absolute favourite , due to their gorgeous cardstock.
Boring aren't i!!!

Hmm... tricky one this. I was initially going to answer eyelets as i probably have the greatest quantity of them, as individually they are so small. In my early scrapping days i had a real obession with buying them, but i now dont think i have touched an eyelet for months! ( note to self- must try and use eyelets more!)
Then i was going to say brads.
After the eyelet obsession came the brads love affair. I do still like them, but rarely use small ones. I love ones around the 8mm size mark - i think the new American crafts ones are fab!.
But then the chipboard alphabets are taking over my living room and they are far more exciting than both brads and eyelets!!!

Here are a few photos of her scrapping space!

Keep your eyes peeled for another showcase of one of our designers!!!!
Also are you entering our competition, see the side of the blog for details!! and win a bunch of Heidi Swapp goodies!!

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