Friday, 5 October 2007

New beginnings

I love beginnings.
Everything fresh and new.
I love a new piece of 12 by 12 paper that hasn't been cut.
A new set of letters that has all the vowels.
And fresh set of stamps that have never been inked.

But the best at the moment for me is this blog. As Vanessa said we have a brand new design team for you. I am positive you will love their work. They all have amazing talent and a fantastic unique style that i know you are going to love.

Over the coming weeks we are going to showcase each and everyone of them for you. Share a bit about them with you and a glimpse into their scrappy space. ( just because in nosy!!!)

Okay the first design team member we are going to showcase is Wendy.

I started scrapbooking 4 years ago. When my son was born i started putting his photos in a normal album ( gasp yes i know but i know better now!!!) I used to write all the journaling next to the photos. Then one day my older sister invited me to a scrapbooking class and it seemed a natural progression. 4 years ( and a whole lot of money later) here i am.

A few years ago i would have described my style as simple. I loved the clean look and didnt put very much on my pages, but after a while it developed into simple but with more detail. My average page takes me between 4 to 6 hours, the basic layout doesn't take me very long but the detailing takes me for ever.

Before i started scrapbooking i used to cross stitch. But i have to say since i began scrapbooking my sewing hasn't been out of the wardrobe.

I am not a very patient person as my husband will testify to! One of the things that i didn't like about sewing was that it took to long to complete a sampler. I would get fed up half way through and give up.
That is one of the things i love about scrapbooking, i can complete a page in a few hours and a mini album in a day, so i can see the results fairly quickly.

I used to have a scrapbooking room upstairs, but i got fed up with being up there all on my own and every one else having fun downstairs. So i bought all my supplies downstairs and took over the conservatory. I can now be around my famil and i can keep an eye on my son when he is playing in the garden.

Wendy has been designing for Papermaze for quite a while and has lots of pages up on the walls. Here are a few...

If you have any questions please feel free to email us, and if you pop by leave us a comment to let us know you have been here.

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Sue Jones said...

Wow Great Scrap room And you get to keep an eye on the children! Fab LO's