Friday, 26 October 2007


Have you ever used felt on your pages before? and i dont mean the type that comes in a pre-made shape and is in a cute package. I mean a sheet of felt.

No! well to be honest neither did i, and when Vanessa gave me some to use i have to say i was stumped.

But i took it home and played around with it. And do you know what i found? it is the most versatile medium that i have ever used.

Now i love embellishments in all their gorgeous colours and shapes but using the felt i was able to make embellishments to the size and colour that to my own design. It is also unlike paper or card as it is extremely tactile and dimensional but light at the same time.

Here are a few things that are design team did with it.

Okay our first page is done by the gorgeous Angie. She used papers from the Recess Basic grey paper and felt. She used the felt to to sew and create her own embellishments which are just gorgeous.
Next is one of mine. I created a mini album from scratch. I used thick card for the outside and covered both the front and back with felt. One of the good things i have found out about felt is, it stretches, so it was easy to pull it all the way over the card and secured with acid free glue.
I then made the pages out of white card folded. You need to use two sheets of 12 by 12 white card for this and stick one of each end together.
To cover the front i printed off a small photo of my son and then cut out a frame from red felt.
On the top of all the pages i added car tabs using McGill punches and the felt as little tabs. The little letters are cut out little rectangles of card with handwritten letters in a black pen.

I then decorated the inside. I used Love Elsie Roxie line but i cut out the flowers in felt to match the pattern paper.
The felt even fits into a hole punch!!!

And if you click on the pictures to make them bigger yes i did forget to rub out the pencil marks!!! lol!!!

Okay i also did this page using felt as well...
For this page i actually cut out the title 'fun days' from the black felt. Which is a really cheap way to do your title. I then cut out the flowers from light blue and white felt. I sewed round the edges and then added a button and some bling for decoration!!
Then because i loved the idea i cut out some little hearts and added them to the title.
Do you lot have any great ideas of how to use felt then let us know.


Leo said...

Ohh very cute!!
I love felt it's scary how addictive it becomes the more you use it!! lol

Leigh Russell said...

It looks like fun! I'd love to be visually creative like that. I just don't seem to be able to visualise things in my head.

Anonymous said...

What brilliant results you have acheived, so effective :-)

Sue Jones said...

saw this in the shop ..its beautiful !! i bought all the colours you used on the strength of it ..not used them yet though ! LOL