Saturday, 1 December 2007

Amanda Probst.

When i first started scrapbooking one of the first scrappers i encountered was a lady who i knew as Locksley11. Page after page of her scrapping went into my favourites. There must be at least 10 of her pages, that i scraplifted of her in my first few albums.

Over the years her style has changed but she is still one of my favourite scrappers EVER!!!!
So when she was made contributing editor for CK i was thrilled!!

So introduce you to Amanda Probst.

  1. You are a contributing editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine, how did that come about and what does it involve?

Honestly, being asked to be a contributing editor took me totally by surprise. I’d been named to the Hall of Fame in the spring of 2006. That fall I started getting a number of assignments, some small, some big. Mostly, my style and approach just fit with their needs at the time. Come winter I was asked to help design materials for online and CKU classes. Then, in May of this year, they flew me out to film some projects I’d created for their DVD instructional series. During that trip, I was asked if I’d be interested in being a contributing editor. I thought about it for maybe a minute before joining the team!

As for what being a contributing editor involves, I’m still learning. Those who have read my blog know that I authored a book with them this past summer, though it won’t be released until November of 2008. That project kept me busy until pretty recently. I also have a new little monthly column that will debut in the January 2008 issue. It will have additional information on the CK website each month and I’m hoping to also feature a related project or two on my own blog.

  1. How long have you been scrapbooking for? How did you get started? ( if you are brave enough some of the people I have emailed are going to show us their first page)!!! Lol!!!

I started scrapbooking on March 22, 2001 when I attended my very first Creative Memories class/party. I set myself the goal of finishing my first son’s baby album before my second son was born (that summer) and was off.

  1. Did you ever imagine that one day you would be working with Creating Keepsake?

Dude. I seriously never imagined this. I’m still flabbergasted that people would actually pay me to do this

  1. How does scrapbooking fit into your daily life?

Scrapbooking is part of who I am. I may not find time to actually complete a page or project every day, but these days I always have something to be working on when time allows. Right now, I homeschool my sons during the day and work on scrapbook stuff after they’re in bed.

  1. Must haves. What do you use on every single page, you know the stuff that you cannot do without.

Cardstock, my computer and a good pen. Yet, for some reason, I have heaps of all this “other stuff.” ;)

  1. What are your scrapbooking goals. Where do you see yourself with this in a few years time.

To be honest, this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. After I was named to the CK Hall of Fame, I took a serious look at where I wanted to “go” with scrapbooking. Before that, I’d only had a few publications here and there (less than 10 for sure). It was the first time I’d even entered a big contest. Given all of that, I set myself the goal of simply getting enough pages published to cover my scrapbook shopping and hopefully, if I was lucky, buy a new camera. Now that I’ve, um, done that, I’m honestly not sure what my goals are. I do know that I hope to still be enjoying this process for years to come as much as I do today.

DO you have a scrappy space? Would you mind showing a few pictures

I have a few pictures from over the summer when my space was a disaster area while I was working on my book. I’m in the process of reorganizing (just ordered some new shelves and a desk) so will have new pictures sometime in November.

Amanda has been kind enough to send us a page and a sketch to use for a challenge. So you have until the end of December to send in your lift!!!! One lucky entrant drawn at random will win a selection of American Crafts thickers!!

Here is the link to her blog - Amanda Probst.


CloClo said...

Great challenge - and a really inspiring interview!

valerie said...

don't usually do sketches but this is gorgeous