Tuesday, 27 November 2007


They have been gone for sooooo long.

It has been ages since anyone has seen anything new out of the Chatterbox company. I for one am really sad as it is a company that i have really enjoyed using. There have rumors about there closure and then out of the blue here they are.

They are back with a few new lines for us. And because they are just soooooooo gorgeous i had to show you.
First of all they have change the thickness of their paper. I always found Chatterbox paper to be really thin and low quality, but now they have changed to a lot thicker nearly like cardstock paper and soooooooo much better .

Also some of the lines have something other than flowers and stripes on, which i always found hard with their old lines.

Okay so here is one of the lines. It is called dressing room.

And this this line is called Foyer...

I am going to Papermaze in a few days so i am going to pick some up and show you some pages!!! i cannot wait!"


Anonymous said...

OMG!OMG! They are totally delish, CANNOT wait to see what you create with them Wendy....Anita..xx

kazy1 said...

great cards Wendy, you have really inspired me to have a go... its more like a scrapbookers card than a cardmakers card..if you know what i mean !?? i even bought a circle punch ! xx