Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Evey month at the Papermaze crop Vanessa puts together a page kit to buy. There is always a new technique to learn and the kits go really fast, but there are always some kept back for the blog readers to buy. click here and it will take you to the page on the shop where you can purchase them.

Here is Vanessa's page...

And here are the instructions for the page..

1. Start by tearing a piece from each of the Upsy Daisy papers, measuring 9" x 3", then tear into a point at one end. Ink the edges of both pieces with Burnt Sienna chalk ink. Put to one side.

2. Cut out a freehand circle from the piece of chipboard, approx 8cm diameter, then cut the inner out. Paint this with tattered rose distress crackle paint and leave to dry to one side to dry.

3. Take the Bazzill cardstock and place the rectangular doiley down the left handside. Using the burnt sienna, brush the inkpad over the doiley and through the holes.

Make sure you ink over the ends too! When you have finished, remove the doiley and continue inking the edges of the Bazzill all the way round.

4. Arrange the Upsy Daisy paper pieces as shown on the layout, then place the half round doiley vertically on the right of the cardstock. Place your photo on top as shown. Stick the ribbon down the right edge of the photo and stick the brown button at the top.

5.Take the painted cardboard circle and lightly rub over the top of the crackle paint with tea dye distress ink ( i put the ink on to a tissue then applied it to the circle). Place this on your layout, then cutout the section of the circle that overlaps the photo, and stick the remaining piece down. Add the bling above the top of the circle as shown.

6. Draw a white line round the edge of the heart and attach the small piece of pink ribbon round the centre and tie in a knot at the front. Stick into the middle of the circle.

7.With a white pen doodle in the gaps of inked doiley.

8. Place your chipboard letters round the top left of the photo then draw round them with a white pen.

Finally cut two circles from the leftover papers, crumble them up and ink lightly over the top and round the edges. Stick the small one on top of the other. Sick in the top right hand corner of the layout and doodle wound with a white pen.

After the crop i took one of these page packs home and had a play with it. Here is my pages using the kit.

1. Attach the round doiley to the right handside of the cardstock.

Then cut out one of the pieces of Upsy Daisy paper to the size of 13cm by 15cm and then using some ink, ink round the edges.

Attach to the page as seen in the picture.

Then cut out another piece of pattern paper to the size of 21 cm by 14 cm. Tear of a small strip from the bottom and then attach to the page as shown.

I printed out my 3 photos size - 9cm by 13 cm and stuc then to the page.

I then cut out 2 stips of pattern paper one longer than the other

Strip one - 1cm by 11 cm.
strip two - 1cm by 21 cm.
Then cut the small pink ribbom just a bit longer than the longer strip and attach.

Adhere these to the page as shown below.

Then using the long stip doiley cut out the larger flowers and ink the edges.
Then make 3 poises following the photos below.

Attach them to the layout as shown in the photo below.

Then use the last bit of pink ribbon and cut them to the size -

ribbon one - 2m
ribbon two - 5 and a half. ( roughly)

Then attach to the top 2 poises as seen below.

Add your title and journaling

You can buy the kits on the Papermaze website. If anyone from the crop has done this kit, send in your photos and we will publish it on here.

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