Monday, 8 December 2008

Classes and a guest.

January's classes are done. I have a few photos to show you. There are only going to be three classes this month. 2 by me and one by Carol our resident stamper and alcohol inks extraordinaire.

My first one i found the idea while searching the internet and adapted it. It is based round a box frame. Here is a sneak peek...
This is our saturday workshop. Price and date, have yet to be decided though, but i will let you know asap.

The next workshopwith me is something that you all have seen...

I have had so many people say they want to make one of these, that i thought we could have a fun workshop. There is not going to be any special technique, it is nothing fancy, just come along and make something pretty, gossip and eat chocolate and have a fun evening. Again i am not sure of the date or time, but this will be our wednesday night one.

The last class this month, i dont have a photo for just yet, but it is going to be run by Carol. Here is what she has to say about the class... This is our thursday class and it is going to be run on the 22nd January.

Discover alcohol inks....

A few hours of inky fun, come and learn the “polished stone” technique and see a few other techniques and demos....then, have a go yourself and make a lovely little accordian book. The accordion book contains 4 slide mounts sized 3cm square (1.25”) you have the option of bringing photos to attach to the slide mounts or rubber stamps and colouring media will be available. If you have a ink dabber tool please include that in your supplies.

PLEASE NOTE:- Inks stain please wear suitable clothing!!

I am taking this one!!! lol. as my knowledge of inks etc is limited!!!

I will put the photos and dates up on the website asap. Also to let you know that we are having a guest designer on here for this week. I will not spoil the suprise and tell you who it is,you will have to check back 2m but i was really pleased when she moved to the UK and instantly grabbed her to be a guest on here as her work is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!so we will see you 2m.


Zarah said...

Ooooh.. I wanna live closer so I can come and take classes! :)
Looks FAB! :D


wow.. will we get to some more of the frame once the class has been run???

i love it!!

great job!!

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