Monday, 9 February 2009


I wanted to something different this year for my husbands valentines card then i came across this old photo and thought i could use this on my card as we have been together 14 years this year.

I started off by cutting my black card stock 15/15 cms using acetate cut a square measuring 13 1/2 by 131/2 cut out the square and glue the acetate in the centre then cover with black strips to fit inside cut 3 squares of glitter card stock the same size fold in the middle and cut a heart shape out of each fix onto the side of the card.

Using white paint paint in a sweeping motion add a little red streaks once dry fix patterned papers and photo stitch over the heart shape when stitching double up on your stitching this will enable you to have the repeated pattern on the inside to make it look neater inside the card add chosen embellishments to Finnish off your card cover the inside with patterned paper.


Anonymous said...

Wow, really love this!Must do my hubby's valentines card...really stuck! oh, and his bday on the 13th! Will be searching your blog for more inspo!! X

Anonymous said...

I love the card, but do not really understand your instructions because of way they all run together. But then my English is still new. I do struggle a little though. x